5 Easy Steps for Basic Cloth Diaper Washing

Washing Cloth Diapers

Maximizing cleanliness, minimizing impact
 Dump solid material into toilet.
  Put diapers in (dry) pail until wash time.
 Optimally run your load once you can mostly fill, but not overstuff, your washer.
  Rinse diapers in warm water.
 Wash diapers with detergent in hot water.
  Detergent should be fragrance- and color-free with no optical brighteners or fabric softeners.
  Use additional detergent if you have hard water.
  Use enough detergent to clean a load of dirty laundry but not too much.
 Rinse diapers in warm water.
  Rinse again in warm water.
 Thoroughly dry diapers in the sun or in your automatic dryer.
  The sun will save energy and bleach out stains.
  If you use a dryer, use the lowest temperature that successfully dries your diapers.

Cloth diaper washing guidelinesWhy does each of these basic steps work?

How can you customize for your water quality, your washing machine, and your diapers?

It's all about the Laundry Science. 

If you are wondering WHY Real Diaper Association has made each of these recommendations, see Laundry Science

For tips on how to wash cloth diapers in a shared laundry facility, see our Shared Laundry Facility Tip Sheet.

If you still have questions, read the Frequently Asked Questions about cloth diaper washing, and stop by the Real Diaper Association Facebook page with your questions. 

Download diaper washing guidelines (PDF 466KB).