They need to see us to believe us!

They need to see us to believe us!

April 23rd is right around the corner! Have you found your local GCDC event yet? You can still register to Host GCDC in your community for just a few more days! Join us, we're cool people!

Throughout your cloth diapering journey, I know you've heard at least one surprised response after someone learned you cloth diaper your baby. The Great Cloth Diaper Change was conceived, in part, because of how often people express disbelief that cloth diapers are "still used." Of course cloth diapers are used! They're REAL diapers. The method has stood the test of time, is safe for babies, and can be adapted to any parenting situation life throws at us.  This is why cloth diapering families are always eager to share their love for cloth with anyone who will listen. 

Our annual Great Cloth Diaper Change event gives us the opportunity to share that enthusiasm around the globe. This year we have 18 countries participating in the change! It's truly amazing! When Judy Aagard came up with the idea for the very first GCDC, she organized a community building event to bring cloth diapering families together for a little bit of fun. GCDC has always been free and open to the public so that anyone can come and try out a cloth diaper for themselves. We hang out, change our babies, share a Saturday morning with our tribe, and we show the world that, "Yes! People do choose cloth!" 

Join us as we promote the Great Cloth Diaper Change throughout the month of April with a fun photo challenge.  We want to see your favorite photos showcasing your experience as a cloth diapering family.  We have chosen a theme for each day from April 1st - April 23rd. Share one photo per day, according to the theme. Be sure to include the hashtags #GCDC2016 and #realdiapers with every post and tag your local event as well. 

On April 23, share a photo of yourself after you've attended your GCDC event, and tell the world #Ichooseclothbecause ...

Perhaps you choose cloth because it saves your family money. Maybe you choose cloth because you can't stand the thought of throwing that much poopy plastic into the ground to slowly decompose for 500 years, or because you make it a point to choose simple, reusable items for your family, or because you just can't get enough of natural fibers. There are more reasons than I can list here! 

Join our GCDC Photo Challenge and let the world see all the things we love about simple, reusable, cloth diapers. 

We'll choose a winner at the end of the challenge so make sure your photo is public, and tagged. Some of our local events are offering participation prizes and others are joining just for fun. Either way, this is the time to proudly wave your cloth diaper flag! Visit our Facebook page to see our daily example photos. 

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