Talking to Your Daycare About Cloth Diapers

Talking to Your Daycare About Cloth Diapers

Most new parents search for a caregiver that supports their values and respects their parenting style. Finding a caregiver that listens to the reasons why you choose cloth diapers and values your choice, makes it more likely that you will have success working with your caregiver. If your search for a child care provider proves to be challenging, we want to give you some tools to talk to your daycare about using cloth diapers.

Some personal experience...

My twins started preschool right before they learned to use the potty. When I was interviewing their daycare, I said, “We use reusable cloth diapers. Would your teachers like me to bring in some diapers ahead of time to make sure they are comfortable with how they are used?” I was fortunate enough to find a preschool that first, took children that were still in diapers, and second, that were actually happy to see that I used cloth diapers.

Before my kiddos started preschool, I brought some diapers and a wet bag in and we talked about the easiest way for the teachers to change my children. We decided that they could hang the wetbag from either a hook on the wall or the back of a nearby door (just steps away). The baskets where other families had disposable diapers, would hold our reusable diapers. All diaper creams had to be clearly marked with the child’s name, so I wasn’t worried about a diaper cream being used that wasn’t cloth safe. Nice!

Every morning during drop off, I put our diapers in the basket and hung our wet bag from the door. When I picked up my kiddos, I would take all of our diapers back home. Rather than have the preschool teacher fuss with dumping any solids, they would close up soiled diapers before adding them to the wet bag. I dumped solids and sprayed diapers when I got home with them in an effort to make using cloth at preschool as easy as possible.

We chose to use hook and loop closure pocket diapers for daycare in an effort to use a reusable cloth diaper that was a similar structure to a disposable diaper. They worked out really well for us! What I love about  pocket diapers is that they work well with prefolds, so whether you wash your own diapers, or use a diaper service, you’re all set!

Here are some great ideas to help you get started:

  • Check out the Real Diaper Association’s “Tips for Using Cloth Diapers in Daycare” guide.
  • Keep your tone positive. Instead of talking about how much you dislike disposables, share why using cloth diapers is important to you.
  • Bring a cloth diaper and wet bag with you to show the provider what they will be working with and come up with a plan to help make diaper changes as simple as possible.
  • Check with your local RDA Circle Leader and see if they are willing to teach a cloth diapering for caregivers class. I have a standing offer, in my circle, to help teach any daycare provider about cloth diapers!
  • Know your state’s regulations when it comes to diapering in daycare.
  • Check the Cloth-Diaper-Friendly Daycare Directory. If you find a daycare that is happy to use cloth diapers, ask them to add their location!
  • Talk to your local cloth diapering community for daycare recommendations!
  • Keep it simple. Show your daycare provider how simple it can be to use cloth diapers. You might even ask them if they have to pay for trash pickup. If they do, using cloth diapers will save them money!

What has your experience been when approaching your daycare about using cloth diapers?


:-) Janice R.


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