Sharing My Cloth Diaper Love

Sharing My Cloth Diaper Love

As a new board member I wanted to write a brief “Get to Know Me” type post, and with today being Valentine’s Day it seems like an appropriate day to talk about why I love cloth diapering.  I have been using cloth diapers for almost 5 years now, starting full time at about 2 weeks with my first baby, and I have loved every minute of it….  Yes even the laundry.  The Big 3 Benefits of cloth diapering are pretty well known and discussed inside our cloth community and beyond.  Better for Baby, Better for Budget, Better for Our Environment.  And I love cloth diapering for those reasons and more!

I love knowing that I am keeping harsh chemicals like fragrances, SAP, and toxins away from my baby’s bottom.  I mean I am not a perfect mom, and my kids have definitely eaten something that was on the floor for longer than 3 seconds, but I love that I am at least doing a little something to keep their skin and bodies healthy.

Top: J at 3 months, H at 3 hours old, Me and My Mom in 1980, A at 3 days old. Bottom: J (2 yrs) with H (2 months) and  H (2 yrs) with A (2 months)I love saving money.  I love having enough money in my bank account to pay for utilities, and groceries, and soccer teams, and skating lessons, and preschool, and even mommy’s occasional Starbucks.  Cloth diapering has saved us so much money over the past 4+ years that we are able to pay for the little extras, and even some necessities along the way.

I love knowing that I am doing a small part to help our environment, even if it just not adding almost 1 ton of garbage to the landfill per child in two years of diapering.  I try my best to remember to recycle, and turn the water off when I brush my teeth, and bring my reusable bags to the grocery with me, but cloth diapering is an easy, no brainer way for me work to decrease my family’s impact on our shared environment.

I am a creature of comfort and I love that I know each time I put on a cloth diaper it will fit and it will work.  I don’t worry about leaks or poopy blowouts.  I don’t worry about him growing out of the diapers and wasting half of a box because I need to size up.

I love the history and family tradition involved in cloth diapering.  I was cloth diapered as baby, as was my mother, and grandmother, and so on.  My mother used cloth in the early 1980’s because they could not afford disposables… and because she has always been a little bit crunchy- extended breastfeeding, baby led-weaning, co sleeping, and even using a handmade baby carrier.  I love that connection we have.  I love that when I had my first child I thought it would be easier to just use the newborn diapers the hospital gave us, but the day we brought him home my mom started putting prefolds on him. I love that when I took her to the cloth diaper boutique, I was so excited to show her all in ones and fancy pockets, and she stood at the demo table in awe of the snappi; such a simple tool would have made her cloth diapering journey so much easier- and she would not have pinned me to my diaper.

I love that my youngest is wearing diapers that my oldest wore, and that I can take adorable sibling pictures with matching diapers.

I love that I can color coordinate my baby’s diaper to their outfits. I love that I can use adorable diaper prints and colors to celebrate the holidays.  I love that my children have a unique keepsake with their themed First Birthday Diapers.

I love that everyone can use cloth diapers.  I love that cloth diapers can be made out of t-shirts and bed sheets and blankets.  I love that families can donate their gently used cloth diapers to other families in need of diapers.  I love that there are several national and local cloth diaper banks that work hard to help alleviate diaper need in our country and provide struggling families with the ability to save money in their budget that would have literally gone in the garbage.

And I am not the only person that LOVES cloth diapering… When I asked my fellow circle leaders and moms why they loved cloth diapering, they shared their many reasons with me:

“I love how timeless and simple they are. My grandmother used prefolds, and so did I. I love the continuity across generations. Every time I pinned a soft cotton prefold on my babe, I felt connected to all the moms before me. (sappy perhaps, but seriously true.)”- Michelle, RDA Board

“I love that by diapering their little sister, I am teaching her elder siblings that even babies can do their part in taking care of the environment. Also I love that I don't have to buy disposables that go right in the garbage. As a single mom, it's important that our one income not go straight in the trash!!” –Tatiana, Círculo de Pañales de Tela Guadalajara

“I love how #realdiapers were the gateway to daily mindfulness of what and how we use things in our home.” -Angela, Northern Virginia Real Diaper Circle

Some were inspired to write poetry to express their feelings:

Ode to Cloth Diapering By Emily (Real Diaper Circle of Butler County)

C is for Convenient; no midnight diaper runs for me,
L is for Laundry; so much easier than I thought it would be
O is for On the Bum; cute prints and bright colors galore
T is for Tree Hugger; adding to the garbage mounds no more
H is for Happy, Healthy, and Home; I have saved some much money and time, I could write this little poem!

Diaper Poem by Kristen (Real Diaper Circle of Rhode Island)

Roses are red and violets are blue,
My diaper does not go in the trash...I have a diaper stash.

Dear Trash Collector by Zoe (Lehigh Valley Diaper Circle)

Dear my trash collector, let me make your load lighter

‘Cos my baby's in her hemp and cotton, makin' our world so much brighter.

And one even wrote a song to profess her love. (Amy of the Real Diaper Circle of Metro Vancouver) 

So Happy Valentine’s Day and go forth to spread the love of cloth!

Post Written by Emily Kuhn

Circle Leader for Real Diaper Circle of Butler County (OH) & RDA Board of Directors Member


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