School of Cloth

Real Diaper Association presents School of Cloth, November 2014
2016 School of Cloth

Diaper Classes for the Masses


Who: YOU! Parents and caregivers over the age of majority in your state or province of the U.S. or Canada (excluding Quebec) are eligible to win --- no experience with cloth diapers necessary!


What: A month full of cloth diaper classes provided by participating Real Diaper Circles, Real Diaper Advocates, Real Diaper Association businesses (see map below -- more classes being added daily!) and people just like you who are passionate about educating families about real diapers. Class attendees can get certificates in cloth diapering subjects and enter a drawing for a chance to win a cloth diapering package estimated at $100 and your pick of a select qualifying cloth diaper charity to receive a cloth diapering package estimated at $400 to distribute to families in need.


School of Cloth 2013 photo album

Do you have what it takes

to attend the School of Cloth?

When? October 1-31, 2016

Where? A participating School of Cloth location near you! Search locations below.

How? Come to a cloth diaper class in October and enter a drawing for a chance to win a $100 cloth diapering package and select a qualifying cloth diaper charity to receive a cloth diaper donation for their recipients!*

* No purchase necessary. Complete rules, prizes, and odds of winning information available here. There will be a math-skill test for potential winners, in compliance with Canadian law.

Instrumental Classes
Highlighted classes will be posted here

Chorus of Cloth Diaper Charities

If you are a cloth diaper charity interested in participating in School of Cloth, please read the section at the bottom of this page on how to register.


School of Cloth Groupies

Our Superstar Sponsor Lineup!

Please help us welcome back returning School of Cloth Sponsor Tidy Tots!         


Are you Ready to be a Rock Star Host?
   Ready to rock the School of cloth classes? Sign up here to be a host!  
Are you a Cloth Diaper Charity?

If you know of a charity that can use cloth diapers and is registered as a 501(c)(3), please let them know that the Real Diaper Association has an opportunity for them to win cloth diapers and related products.  

Send them this link:

NOTE: Any charitable organization in a position to distribute cloth diapers within their community could potentially benefit as a recipient of this event. Because donations that come to us are tax-deductible in the US, we have to be careful about redistributing the prizes and can only include other nonprofits who have charitable status in the US or Canada (meaning you've at least submitted your application). Qualifying charities should register here to be selected as a prize recipient!

How Can Businesses Register to Participate?

Are you supporting local families with cloth diapering classes? If so, we need your participation!

Choose to sponsor the 2016 School of Cloth! For more information, please click here.

Now registering School of Cloth class hosts --- cloth diaper businesses, find out more here!


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