School of Cloth Week 3: How to Advocate for Cloth Diapers

School of Cloth Week 3: How to Advocate for Cloth Diapers

Do you love cloth diapers and want to help spread the word about them, but don't know how to get the word out? Here's some ideas!

The first, and one of the best ways, is to either start or join a Real Diaper Circle in your area! Either be a Leader through the great training with the RDA, or help out the local chapter. Real Diaper Circles offer hands-on, local support networks, for advice in all aspects. It does take time to build your circle, and dedication to the cause, but you get to meet so many wonderful families, learn from them and help them in their journey.  It is time well spent! Education is the best way to produce success.

Of course, your use of cloth is one of the best ways you can advocate for cloth diapering. Every time you do a public diaper change, show your friends the cute new diaper print you have, or take photos showing off your baby in nothing but that cute diaper cover, you're helping spread the word that cloth is awesome. Expand your reach into social media and use hashtags to  find others who share your cloth diaper love.

Be a cloth diaper mythbuster! Do your friends or family have misconceptions about cloth diapering? Do they wonder about how much laundry it entails, or see the upfront costs as too much, etc?  Tell them it just is not so! Use your personal experience to guide them to the truth behind the myths. And if you found you struggled, but you got help to guide you through, explain where you got the help, and how awesome it is now that you're on the other side. Explain the benefits, to the pocketbook, to the environment, to the health of your baby. and the incredible convenience of knowing you’ll never really run out of diapers!  If you know they plan to have more babies in the future, remind them that cloth diapers can be reused on future babies. Suggest ways around difficulties like diaper services for busy families, local sales groups or DIY possibilities for those on tight budgets, or OS diapers for those with 2 or more babies and toddler using diapers.

Start lending diapers! Do you have a friend who wants to try cloth but is hesitant? Let them borrow some diapers to give it a try, or buy them some to get them started! Show them how to use the diapers, explain how to wash them, and get your friend interested in some prints they may find appealing.

And there is always the biggest event of the year, The Great Cloth Diaper Change! Media coverage, community involvement, and a world record attempt always get people talking, and get people interested! Bring friends to it, if you're attending one, even if it's your first time and you don't know what to expect! No event close to you? Host an event yourself! We've got a great support network for newcomers! Everyone is welcome to host GCDC events, and other cloth diaper advocacy events in their communities!


I think the most important thing is be respectful of other's choices. If you have friends who do things a little differently, but it works for them, respect that. If you have friends who choose to only use cloth diapers part of the time, or not at all, be an open book when they ask for help or advice and politely remind them you love cloth diapers because of all the reasons listed, and then some... but don't make them feel like they've done something wrong by choosing another way. Parenting is hard work! No two children are the same and no two situations are alike. While there is always a way to make it work, it doesn't mean everyone is willing or able to do so. With new parents who may be overwhelmed, be gentle.  Someone who has no idea what they're getting into may be unable to see past the struggle, so offer assistance, but don't force it. They may come back to you later to try again if they see you're successful.

Adout the Advocate Author:
Tracey Valade is a mother of 5, Real Diaper Circle Leader in Ontario, Canada, Great Cloth Diaper Change committee member, works at home and out of the house, owner/operator of Darolotty's Natural Parenting Online Store, and blogs about parenting. Tracey is a busy woman with a passion for cloth!

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