School of Cloth 2016 - Laundry Troubleshooting

School of Cloth 2016 - Laundry Troubleshooting

There are still a few diapers in our home that are not for teaching and demonstration despite the fact that our youngest just turned 7. Late last year I was going through the diapers to decide which to donate, sell and which to put away for some time a million years from now when my babies have their own babies.

If only I had known just how hard the water was in our previous home. If only I had known just how important it was to know this information!

As I was going through the diapers I found several with 6 year old newborn stains. Now I know that a few simple changes to my wash routine would have avoided these stains. Needless to say, I’m more than a little embarrassed that I put these diapers away in this condition. You can avoid my dilemma by checking out RDA Laundry Science and evidence based tips based on this laundry science on the RDA Wash page

Nevertheless: Challenge Accepted.

The detergent and additives are what my family currently uses for our normal laundry routine. 


This is a bamboo fitted with 6 year old breastmilk poo stains. 


The diaper was soaked in a tub of warm water with a teaspoon of BioKleen Oxygen Bleach Plus and left it for a couple days. This gave time for that old, very set stain to release from the fibers of the diaper.


Almost all of the stain has already disappeared!


Next the diaper goes into a rinse & spin with momma cloth, towels and a teaspoon of Rockin Green Femme Rock.

Finally a warm pre-rinse, long, hot wash cycle with Biokleen Laundry Liquid and a tablespoon of Biokleen Oxygen Bleach Plus and a cool rinse cycle (this is the only rinse cycle available for this cycle on my washer).

There is just a bit of stain left in the folds of the elastic casing. Pretty darn good outcome for a 6 year old stain, one soak, one rinse and one wash cycle.

We receive lots of questions about stains and whether it is even possible to remove them. The answer is yes. It can take a little time, but it is both possible and worth it. Whether the stains are a few days old or a few years old, with a little tlc your diapers will look better than ever!

Need some help with staining or other laundry challenges? RDA's Laundry Science page has tons of great information. Check to see if there is an RDA Circle in your area for one on one support in your community! If that is not available, contact us by email or message us on Facebook!

Angela Torres
Chair, Real Diaper Association
Circle Leader, Real Diaper Circle of Northern Virginia

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