School of Cloth 2016 - Emergency Diapering, Hurricane Matthew edition

School of Cloth 2016 - Emergency Diapering, Hurricane Matthew edition

When we planned the blog posts for School of Cloth 2016 we had no way of knowing there would be a storm of such magnitude heading for the United States. Suddenly the topic of Emergency Diapering takes on a completely different feel. Hurricane Matthew is carving its way up the eastern coast of Florida after devastating the Caribbean as a slightly less powerful category 3 storm as this blog is being written. We're pulling together a "best of" blog post of previous blog posts to put all our best tips that can help families during this time, whether they cloth diaper or not, in one place. 

All of our basic tips sheets can be easily found here. Link to us and share widely with someone you know who may need help! 

Need to wash in a shared facility such as a hotel or laundromat? Check out these tips!

What if you don't have access to a washing machine or no power for your washing machine?

What if you run out of diapers or if the diapers you usually use are not as convenient during this time?

Some of the hardest hit will undoubtedly be low-income families. Even if cloth diapers haven't been used previously, some of these tips can help families get by, perhaps even convert to real diapers.

Real Diaper Association is here to support your cloth diapering as you weather this storm. We'll also be here as you rebuild. Contact us on any of our social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. See if there is a Real Diaper Circle Leader in your area. Or please contact us directly.  

Above all else, be safe friends!

Angela Torres

Chair, Real Diaper Association



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