Potty Learning With Cloth

Potty Learning With Cloth

If you didn’t use cloth diapers on your baby, you may think that it’s too late to take advantage of the many benefits of cloth. If you are just entering the potty learning stage, you’ll be glad to know that using cloth training pants will offer you both cost savings and decrease your negative impact on the environment!

Many parents choose to make a clear transition out of diapers and into underwear when it’s time for their child to use the toilet. It’s nice to have a backup plan of some sort when you first start leaving the house after your child has started to get the hang of using the toilet. This is where cloth training pants can come in handy. I really liked cloth trainers that had stretchy side panels so that my twins could pull the trainers up and down on their own. (This is where clothes that are easy to get on and off come in mighty handy also!) Many children in the potty learning age range have strong feelings about wanting to do things themselves, so getting a training pant or underwear that they can pull up and down by themselves is important.

Cloth trainers and/or cloth diapers can really come in handy when children are learning to hold their bladder overnight. This night time learning can take longer for many children and some children are much older before they have the ability to control their bladder while sleeping. Choosing a cloth diaper or trainer, depending on how much absorption is needed, can be a great way to transition your kiddo into “big kid nighttime underwear.” If your child is in underwear throughout the day, but still needs protection for overnight, you can save quite a bit of money by making the switch to cloth!

Who knows…. maybe using cloth trainers or diapers overnight, will lead you to using cloth diapers full time on your next baby!

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