Meet our newest board member!

Meet our newest board member!

Emily Kuhn, Real Diaper Association Board Member

Please join us in welcoming Emily Kuhn, Circle Leader for the Real Diaper Circle of Bulter County and newest member of the Real Diaper Association Board of Directors. 

A former elementatary school teacher, Emily holds a BS in Early Childhood Education, MEd in Curriculum Development and Teacher Leadership and began PhD research before deciding to stay home with her children. 

Emily lives in Ohio with her husband and three cloth diapered boys. Before starting their family, Emily and her husband knew that they wanted to limit their children from being exposed to unnecessary chemicals. It wasn't long before Emily was educating others about the value of cloth diapers and reducing diaper need for families with financial burdens. Her current passion is teaching, 'Found Diapering: how to use household items to diaper for free' to help families save money and time while using cloth diapers.

In 2015 Emily saw a need for more cloth diaper support and education in her community and became an RDA circle leader. We are excited to see how Emily's talent, enthusiasm, and creativity helps us grow!

Angela Torres
Chair, Real Diaper Association


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