Introducing Michelle Dominguez: Our New Executive Director!

Introducing Michelle Dominguez: Our New Executive Director!

Michelle Domingues, Real Diaper Association Executive DirectorPlease join the RDA board in welcoming Michelle Dominguez as our new Executive Director! Michelle has been a vocal cloth diaper advocate since switching her two babies to cloth in 2008. She had two children in cloth at the same time for over a year, laundering all their diapers at home, while also working part time. Often when people learned that she had her children in cloth diapers, she was met with astonishment and questions of, “Isn’t that hard?” and, “You wash them too?!” Michelle was always proud to reply that not only was cloth diapering easy, it was personally rewarding to her as well, as there are few things more satisfying during the infancy period, than a pile of freshly laundered diapers, ready to be used on a sweet baby. Michelle was always quick to point out that sustainable cloth diapers are best for babies, and the planet, which in turn means they’re good for parents too.

Professionally, Michelle has extensive event planning and non-profit program management experience, and she enjoys working directly with people through community organizing, education, and advocacy projects. She has worked for a variety of environmental organizations, including Greenpeace USA, and the Environmental Action Foundation, the original organizers of Earth Day. Her passion for civil rights and economic justice were honed through her work teaching English and Spanish literacy to immigrant communities, and during her time working for the nation’s largest Hispanic civil rights organization, the National Council of La Raza.

Michelle began working for RDA in late 2012 as an assistant organizer for the 2013 Great Cloth Diaper Change. Since 2015, she has taken the lead role in coordinating our annual fundraising and advocacy event. She is excited to step into the role of Executive Director for RDA and will bring her enthusiasm, and dedication to our mission of creating a cultural shift to increase the use of simple, sustainable cloth diapers. Michelle’s goals of growing the organization, and increasing our funding, will enable RDA to strengthen our capacity to support cloth diapering families. Like us, Michelle truly believes that all babies deserve to wear real 100% reusable cloth diapers. 

We are thrilled to bring Michelle's depth of experience and expertise to the RDA. 

Michelle can be reached at Michelle at realdiaperassociation dot org

Angela Torres
Chairperson, Real Diaper Association

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