Hosting a Great Cloth Diaper Change Made Simple!

Hosting a Great Cloth Diaper Change Made Simple!

Greenfields WA, 2015 GCDC event2016 seems to be flying by, February is almost over! Registration for the Great Cloth   Diaper Change is currently open, with the event taking place Saturday, April 23rd at 11:00 a.m. local time. April seems to be far into the future, but we have less than 9 weeks before the big day. It takes time and organization to create a successful GCDC event, so the time to get started is NOW!       

With a little bit of planning, you can help us beat last year’s score of 7,441 participants. What does it take to host a successful GCDC event? Honestly, you’ll be surprised how easy it is host this event in your local community. You get to decide how big you want to go. Your event can be large, with vendors and entertainment, or it can be a simple play-date with other families. The main focus is to bring awareness to reusable cloth diapers. To help jump-start you on the path to a successful GCDC, we’ve provided a few ideas that will keep you organized in the months to come.

  • Make planning this event a breeze by inviting others to help you plan your GCDC event. Invite friends and family, but also other parents who have cloth diapered or are interested in learning. There are no requirements for volunteers, other than their willingness to help. Delegating some tasks to volunteers can help you plan your GCDC event and eliminate many hassles.

  • Decide on the type of event you want to organize. Committing to a size at the beginning will help make planning easier.

  • Make a list of locations where the event can take place. Look into spaces that have plenty of square footage, ample parking spots. and most importantly are budget friendly. Partner with a local business to utilize a meeting room to avoid the cost of renting a location. If you’re a business owner, start thinking about space you already have. Imagine how you will rearrange your space to make room for the diaper change. Outdoor events are often economical and can provide a great backdrop for pictures, weather permitting.

  • Once you’ve decided where the event will take place, you can decide what other businesses or groups you’d like to invite to the event. You’ll be surprised how many businesses will support this event financially, by renting vendor tables, donating door prizes, or partnering with to cross promote your event throughout their local networks. You should definitely invite local stores that sell cloth diapers, business that make cloth diaper friendly body care products, and groups that support cloth diapers such as a natural parenting group to join your event. But don’t limit your list to only cloth diaper related businesses. Open your search to any business that could benefit by marketing themselves to families at your event.

  • Lastly, make sure to register for the event! Once you are registered, share the news by creating a Facebook event that can be easily shared with friends and local businesses. News spreads fast when people find out that the GCDC is happening in their local town.

To find more helpful hints and to see what other hosts are doing for their GCDC event, head over to the GCDC Facebook page (

As we near April, look forward to more newsletters that are packed full of helpful hints that will aid you in creating a successful GCDC.  Remember, the only way to change diapers is one baby at a time!

- Erica Garvin

Erica has been a Real Diaper Circle Leader of The Farthest North Real Diaper Circle for the past 2 years. This will be her first year hosting a GCDC event in Fairbanks, Alaska, which has a large cloth diapering community. 

(Image thanks to Greenfields WA, 2015 GCDC event)

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