Using Cloth Diapers in Special Situations

Cloth Diaper Users Guide


Cloth diapers in daycare

Looking for a daycare provider who will accept your child's cloth diapers? Find one in this cloth-diaper-friendly daycare directory from RDA/RDIA (Real Diaper Industry Association). 

No daycares listed in the cloth-diaper-friendly daycare directory for your area? Here are some tips for using cloth diapers in daycare.

Using cloth diapers at night

Using cloth diapers during the day and want to switch for nighttime, too? Need a night diaper that really works for your heavy wetter? Here's your starter tipsheet for cloth diapering at night.

Tried cloth diapers at night but had problems? HUNDREDS of tips from experts on nighttime cloth diapering compiled here (including specific product recommendations.).

sleeping baby in cloth diaper

Traveling with cloth diapers

As part of the 100% Reusable Cloth Diapers campaign, we compiled advice from hundreds of experts (parents) on how to travel with reusable cloth diapers. We then compiled that advice into a tip sheet for traveling with cloth diapers.

If you've read the tip sheet, but want more specific information, here is the advice on traveling with cloth diapers submitted directly by parents.

Also, this is a thorough treatment of vacationing with cloth diapers, as published in a past member newsletter.

How to change a squirmy baby

The RDA blog has tips on how to change a squirmy baby and a lot of other basic cloth diapering advice.