Green Mountain Diapers: Making “Every Diaper Count” so much easier.

Green Mountain Diapers: Making “Every Diaper Count” so much easier.

2017 Great Cloth Diaper Change - Be The Change Sponsor

Green Mountain Diapers - 2017 Great Cloth Diaper Change Be the Change Sponsor

Couple Karen and Doug Amidon had a similar experience to what most parents face when deciding to use cloth diapers. They started out with second diapers to see if real diapers where for them, and discovered what we all come to learn in our cloth diaper experience: You can’t be successful using cloth diapers if you don’t own good cloth diapering supplies. Karen said, “We've come a long way since then, and tried just about every diaper out there. We've made the switch from full time disposable diapering to part-time disposable, part-time cloth, and then to full-time cloth. We didn't go full-time cloth until we actually bit the bullet and spent some money on good cloth diapers and covers. Now I can't believe we ever used disposable diapers! Cloth is sooooo much better and nicer. Put a cloth diaper up to your face. Feel the softness. Breath in. It smells clean and fresh. Now try that with a disposable diaper - no don't - really, that's just too, um, just don't do it.”

And like all of us, it takes talking with friends, family, and sometimes even strangers who are diaper enthusiasts to show us what cloth diapers are out there. Then we finally find the cloth diaper that is perfect for us, and our little one. Karen tells this story, “At some point well into the diapering years, a mom I met at a La Leche League meeting showed me how to pin a prefold diaper. I tried it. It was so much easier than I expected! And it gave such a nice fit, too. This was 1998 and pre-YouTube videos. Before long I wondered why I had struggled for over a year with those contour diapers trying to avoid pinning when pinning was so easy and so effective. Always get a pack of good pins, even if you have no intention of pinning. It's worth it just to try it. Diapering your baby can actually be a pleasure with cloth diapers. It's a special time to play with and talk to your baby, while you do something basic, but very caring and important for your child's health. You can be proud of your child's rash-free, chemical-free, cotton covered, super-cute bottom.”

From their experience using cloth, the couple founded Green Mountain Diapers, which was born in early 1998. “Our mission is to communicate information about cloth diapering and provide the very best of today's wonderful cloth diapering products focusing on natural fibers. We've grown in the recent years to be one of the leading natural fiber cloth diaper retailers nationwide, and have blossomed into Green Mountain Diapers Corporation. We moved the business out of our house to the nearby Cotton Mill in 2009 and we now have 6 employees, plus Karen and Doug. Now GMD is a team of 8 people serving your cloth diapering needs. We are still a very small business dedicated to quality service and natural fiber diapering. You can buy with confidence from us.”  

To read more about Karen and Doug’s cloth diapering experience, and to see the abundant resources for learning more about cloth diapers and getting all your real diaper supplies, go to to discover more. 

Real Diaper Association sends deepest appreciation to Green Mountain Diapers for their continued support of RDA and The Great Cloth Diaper Change. Join thousands of families around the world for the 2017 Great Cloth Diaper Change on Earth Day, April 22, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. local time. Find a location near you at
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