Gerber: Creating a way for a brighter Earth for tomorrow.

Gerber: Creating a way for a brighter Earth for tomorrow.

2017 Great Cloth Diaper Change - Global Sponsor

As we celebrate Earth Day and The Great Cloth Diaper Change, we look forward to changes in the future that will reflect our wants and desires; a cleaner Earth and a better tomorrow for our children. A company that has started to move in this direction is Gerber. That’s right. The big baby company Gerber is stepping back in to the cloth diapering world with a revamped all-in-one cloth diaper. Gerber Childrenswear LLC is soon launching this diaper to be available in many of your local stores. 

This diaper combines many of the features parents enjoy about cloth diapers: a bright waterproof outer layer, an absorbent cotton sewn-in liner, and snaps for a good fit around the waist.  It’s adjustable, allowing parents to use it for most of their child’s diapering days. The diaper has been awarded the Parent-Tested Parent-Approved (PTPA) Winner’s Seal of Approval. Gerber has listened to what parents are saying and providing a means to meet cloth diapering demand.

Gerber Childrenswear plans to roll out even more cloth diaper related support in the near future.

When companies with a long history, like Gerber, are choosing to make simple, reusable part of their business practices, everyone wins. 

Real Diaper Association thanks Gerber Childrenswear for their support of RDA and The Great Cloth Diaper Change. Join thousands of families around the world for the 2017 Great Cloth Diaper Change on Earth Day, April 22, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. local time. Find a location near you at

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