From GCDC to Business Owner

From GCDC to Business Owner

During the month of May, Real Diaper Association's #getREAL campaign will provide REAL Facts about the RDA, REAL Member Advocates and cloth diapering. 
Are you ready to make a REAL difference in your community? 
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It is an honor (to have been) part of GCDC since it's beginnings. We've been involved in the Great Cloth Diaper Change since the first one (2011) and our community has grown exponentially. Today we can feel the love for cloth and say proudly in Puerto Rico: ¡Viva la Tela!

I proudly started my own business in 2011, the first cloth diaper store in Puerto Rico, a small brick and mortar called Hamaquitas y Culeros which has served to offer education and basic products for those wanting to start using cloth diapers. After that, we developed our exclusive line of cloth diapers and products made in Puerto Rico, Frankendiaper, having the opportunity to offer jobs to other moms. We are still growing and continue spreading the love for cloth diapers. We all know it is a tough job but with the satisfaction of unifying families and moms with the same ideals of the well being of our babies and our Earth.

Isila Loto, Real Diaper Advocate
San Juan, Puerto Rico
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