A Fond Farewell

A Fond Farewell

Dear Friends, Advocates, Members, and GCDC Hosts,

Since 2004, the Real Diaper Association has advocated for a cultural shift that would lead more families to choose cloth diapers for their babies. Throughout the years, we have remained committed to our mission of supporting families by providing information on the benefits and use of cloth diapers.

We have been inspired by the tireless enthusiasm and dedication of our Circle Leaders who have brought like-minded parents together in their local communities through regular, face-to-face circle meetings. We have celebrated cloth diaper communities worldwide through our annual events, the Great Cloth Diaper Change and School of Cloth.

Working with industry leaders, we ensured that our cloth diapering information was evidence based and accessible for families. Simple, reusable, and renewable, diapering choices were always our focus. We have strived to meet each family where they were in the moment, using clear, respectful, and inclusive dialogue. We are proud of the work we have accomplished together with you, our wonderful community of advocates and supporters.

It is this pride in our accomplishments that helps ease the sadness we feel as we make the announcement that after 13 years of active community engagement, it is time for the Real Diaper Association to close. To thrive, every organization must meet a clear need for a group of stakeholders and have the people and funds to meet that need. Over time, the need for cloth diaper support and education has changed, and the resources and available volunteers have dwindled. Change happens and brings with it necessary endings. Our organization is closing, but we know that our supporters and other like-minded groups will continue to advocate for sustainable cloth diapers and holistic parenting practices.

As we say farewell to our community, we will work together with our Circle Leaders, Advocates, and GCDC Hosts to ensure that the numerous resources we have compiled over the years will remain available to those who need them. We are currently searching for groups that are interested in continuing the work of the Great Cloth Diaper Change, as we know that many of our GCDC Hosts would like to see this wonderful event continue.

We encourage our supporters to connect with Holistic Moms and Attachment Parenting International groups, as they both support cloth diapering as one small part of holistic parenting in general.

Remember, now and anytime, you have the power to change the world one baby at a time. You don’t need an organization to do that. Talk to other parents face to face and share your experience of reusable cloth diapers.


​Michelle Dominguez, Executive Director

Angela Torres, Chair
Lori Taylor, Vice-Chair & Faithkeeper
Emily Kuhn, Secretary
Sara Moore
Janice Roodsari
Elizabeth Pilgrim
Marie DiCocco, Emeritis



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