Do you have the passion to #getREAL?

Do you have the passion to #getREAL?

During the month of May, Real Diaper Association's #getREAL campaign will provide REAL Facts about the RDA, Real Member Advocates and REAL Diapering. Are you ready to make a REAL difference in your communtiy? Join the RDA today!

Why I Choose Cloth

For me, cloth diapers were the only choice. My son was premature; his delicate skin was unable to handle the harsh chemicals of disposable diapers. In fear of the same reaction with my second child, we cloth diapered right out of the gate. I even held a mini Cloth 101 class for the nurses who were in shock I even decided to cloth diaper, let alone at the hospital!

When I looked deeper into cloth diapers, it was an eye opening realization that this was not only the only choice for our family, it was the BEST choice! I knew that this would ring true for so many families. During my journey into cloth, I found that the perception of cloth diapers really had not changed in over 40 years. That is when I realized that the education for modern cloth diapering was greatly needed. My passion and my devotion to cloth diapering goes way beyond the personal choice I made for my family. As I educated myself and learned more about cloth diapering, I realized the importance it was for our community as a whole. I often found myself having conversations with other mothers about diapers in general. Cloth diapers, in my opinion, is the obvious choice. Unfortunately, many new parents and come who are not new, don’t realize that real diapers are the real choice for their family. Then after asking may questions I realized that it wasn’t so much the idea of cloth diapering, it was more about not being supported in the community, including cloth diapering in daycares, schools, etc. Here is where I see the most need!

Tamaira Kaster is a Circle Leader in Training in Ventura County, CA. 

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