The Zen of Hanging and Folding Diapers

The Zen of Hanging and Folding Diapers

I received this email following the publication of a news article about the Great Cloth Diaper Change and thought it added some dimensions of cloth diaper benefits we often neglect to recognize.  Read on for the details...

Hi- I read about your organization in the Gainesville (Florida) Sun this morning. I'm delighted such a group exists.

I used cloth diapers exclusively for my only child who was born in 1988. I was the only mother I knew using them. I've read many reasons lots of mothers and fathers prefer them, but I've never read my own reasons, so I decided to share them with you. 

- 1- I washed my son's diapers in my washing machine, but hung them outside to dry. I loved looking at them flapping in the breeze and bleaching in the sunshine. They smelled glorious, too.

- 2- I found hanging diapers to be great exercise, and folding and smoothing them was very therapeutic in terms of giving me a wonderful sense of calm.

- 3- Babies in cloth diapers are very huggable. The covers I used were cotton, also, so there was no crackling or synthetic feel.

- 4- Maybe I was just lucky, but I tend to think babies wearing cloth potty train at an earlier age than those in disposables that wick away all the liquid and store it in a glob of gel. I suspect they don't like feeling wet. My son was completely out of diapers at 17 months old. (I missed my folding, but I have a tall stack of twenty-five-year-old polishing cloths in frequent use that remind me of those good times.)

I had only one child, so I didn't get the added financial benefit of reuse for siblings, and none of my peers or relatives were interested in duplicating my happy experience with cloth diapers. How sad that seems to me.

Mary Tracy
Bronson, Florida

Mary's son is now 25 and engaged to be married. Perhaps she'll be able to use her cloth diapers on a grandchild in the future!

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