Your Grandmother Should Know: An Oral History of Cloth Diapers

Your Grandmother Should Know: An Oral History of Cloth Diapers

Your Grandmother Should Know logoHave you read about Real Diaper Association's annual educational campaign yet? This year, we have launched an oral history project to collect stories about cloth diapers from the grandmothers and other friends and neighbors of RDA members: Your Grandmother Should Know.

A lot of us are part of the online community that talks about diapers online--A LOT. If you know about Real Diaper Circles, you know we RDA organizers like to encourage people to talk about cloth diapers face to face. We think that there is plenty to learn about cloth diapers beyond our virtual world. We think it might help us to find cloth diaper solutions by asking those who came long before email lists and forums. We think your grandmother should know cloth diapers, and we want to know, too.

You are the collector and interviewer for this oral history. The Project Manager (me! Lori from the RDA Board) has compiled detailed Project Guidelines to walk you through every step. We tell you how it works, then you make your own plan and do interviews. You can also use the interview to generate local publicity for your Real Diaper Circle or for cloth diapers generally. This is year one. Then, RDA will compile all interviews into a collection and begin to use what we learn for publications and educational materials. This is year two.

You can download the Project Guidelines as a pdf or (for RDA members) we will send you a bound copy. If you want extra printed copies, you can buy them at our advocacy gear store. I added a Your Grandmother Should Know mini button there, too.

If you have questions about the project, want a copy of the Project Guidelines, or you just want general encouragement that you can do it (you definitely can), contact Lori at

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