Why GiveBIG to the Real Diaper Association?

Why GiveBIG to the Real Diaper Association?

For 24 hours on Tuesday, May 6th (Pacific Time), donations to the Real Diaper Association (of $25 or more, paid by Visa, Mastercard or AMEX) will be (partially) matched by the San Diego Foundation!  Please help on May 6th

Why give to RDA?

More babies in cloth diapers: The Real Diaper Association supports volunteers in advocating toward this goal in their communities and creates materials for use by parents directly, such as tipsheets for using cloth diapers in daycare or a directory to find a cloth-diaper-friendly daycare provider.

More evidence-based information to support families in cloth diapering: The Real Diaper Association worked with laundry experts to compile easy wash instructions and laundry science here: http://realdiapers.org/wash, and are continuing to conduct direct research on various cloth diapering science topics (such as washing cloth diapers in the presence of a yeast infection.)

Access for new parents to a community of cloth diaperers: Real Diaper Circle Leaders are trained in nonviolent communication (NVC) to support families with evidence-based information on cloth diapering.

The Great Cloth Diaper Change: Events celebrating cloth diapering wouldn’t happen without the Real Diaper Association!

Thank you!

Pooling our resources (time, money, skills) through the nonprofit Real Diaper Association allows us to make a bigger impact than any of us could make on our own to raise awareness about cloth diapers!

Please spread the word to your family, friends, and social networks. Here’s the link to support cloth diapering:http://www.givebigsandiego.org/#npo/real-diaper-association

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