What do Montana and Arkansas have in common?

What do Montana and Arkansas have in common?

New Real Diaper Circles!

The Northwest Arkansas Real Diaper Circle, led by Bernice Hembree, operates out of Fayetteville. Bernice has been actively advocating for and supporting people in using cloth diapers for a while now as the owner of TerraTots, a brick-and-mortar store that connects families to their environment and offers products that will help them raise their children naturally. Terra-Tots is also a member of the Real Diaper Industry Association, the organization with which Bernice is currently working to educate leaders and organizations that are assisting low-income families about cloth diapers. The organizations and governmental agencies that provide services to this community are different in every state, so Bernice is accepting volunteers from other states to assist with this project. Of course, finding her at home is the problem. Shortly after our last conversation, Bernice left on tour with her folk / Americana group, 3 Penny Acre!

The Northwest Montana Real Diaper Circle, led by Andrea Dupuis, operates out of Polson. Andrea has been offering local cloth diapering education support for a while now, and is the owner of The Anura, a natural children's store (online and brick and mortar) and diaper service. Andrea has witnessed how men can derail efforts in the home to switch to cloth diapers if they are not on board. So one of her big goals as a Circle Leader is to focus on helping men embrace cloth diapering. Her first local Circle event will be hosting a cloth diaper booth at the Mission Valley Trade Fair and Expo on April 24th at Polson High School.

Congratulations to Bernice and Andrea on their accreditation!

Is there a Real Diaper Circle in your area?

Want to learn more about Real Diaper Circles?

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