Survey helping more families get started with cloth diapers

Survey helping more families get started with cloth diapers

Thousands of current cloth diaper users have responded to our 2012 Great Cloth Diaper Survey so far.  Previously, I explained how the Great Cloth Diaper Survey will help you with your laundry.  But it can do more than that!

The Great Cloth Diaper Survey can help more families learn about and get started with cloth diapers!

In the second section of the survey, we're looking into where people first learned about cloth diapers, as well as when and why they decided to use them. As an organization full of volunteers looking to help more families choose cloth diapers, this information can help us reach new parents at the right place and time.

DIY hand-knitting a wool diaper soaker

Photo courtesy of Jessica in San Diego, 2012

Knowing about cloth diapers is the first step to using them.  The second step is actually procuring them. There are several important areas we're researching here:

  • the secondary market - - what portion of cloth diapers are being bought/sold/or traded used?  Is this a useful way to save money on cloth diapers?  How can we support parents using pre-loved diapers?
  • the businesses supplying diapers (and those supporting users) - - what portion of cloth diaper sales happen online? What types of businesses are providing support for the diapers they sell?  (Perhaps RDA can help...)
  • DIY diapers - - What types of diapering products are being made at home?  Can we support parents in saving money through making some portion of their own diapering supplies?
  • the factors influencing diaper purchases - - How important is price vs. other factors such as where it was made?  Are people looking primarily for certain styles or fabrics?  How heavily are people weighting reviews or recommendations from friends?

If you are currently using cloth diapers at all (even part of the time), please take the survey now! It will only take 15-20 minutes of your time.  Then pass it on to everyone you know who might use cloth diapers!  More information about the survey, including about the prizes for participants and referrers is in this other blog post.

Heather McNamara

Executive Director, Real Diaper Association

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