School of Cloth Sponsor Highlight: Planet Bambini

School of Cloth Sponsor Highlight: Planet Bambini

Recently, we had an opportunity to interview Stefanie Bye from Planet Bambini in Bakersfield, CA.  Planet Bambini offers cloth diapering and baby wearing support and advice, as well as making top of the line products available to their local consumers.  Stefanie is also an accredited Real Diaper Circle Leader and founder of the Bakersfield Real Diaper Circle.  Planet Bambini donated $500 of cloth diaper products to the School of Cloth event, much of which will be donated to charities who distribute cloth diapers to low-income families.

School of Cloth event at Planet Bambini

1. How would you describe your business and its place in your community?

SB: Planet Bambini is a gathering place for natural minded parents in the Central Valley of California. We offer classes and products that can be difficult to find in this area. I support and connect families with cloth diapering through the Bakersfield Real Diaper Circle.  We also facilitate a cloth diaper bank organized by a major diaper manufacture to provide cloth diapers and education to those who could not afford it otherwise.

2. How important a task is cloth diaper education to your business?

SB: Cloth diaper education is one of the founding principles of our business. We provide several classes to aid our local customer along their cloth diaper journey. When we started Planet Bambini we wanted to see more local babies in cloth diapers. The only way to do that was to get the word out about how awesome they are and the proper ways to use and take care of them so they stay awesome. Cloth diapering can be very simple, but without skill and information it can also be very frustrating. We want people to love their diapers as much as we do.

4. Do you have a favorite memory about a class or family that you taught?

SB: I still remember the first wool class I taught when we moved the store into a industrial office location, just to see if the community would support a brick and mortar. Although they were wool novices the night of the class, the attendees of that class are now some of the most experienced wool users in our circle. Out of the eight participants, six switched to wool as their full time diaper cover (some children are no longer in diapers). Out of the other two, both still use cloth diapers, one uses wool intermittently and the other prefers PUL. The people in that class have become friends and now assist in teaching the wool classes we offer from time to time. Although we joked that night that people should wear name tags with their profile pictures, many have gone on to become friends in “real life.” I think cloth diapering and classes provide a stronger community through a shared interest.

5. What's your favorite piece of advice to give NEW parents about cloth diapering?

SB: Be willing to try different diapers. There is no universal fit, and you may end up liking a diaper you never thought you would. I didn’t try flats until my second child, but I love them!

Planet Bambini is offering many cloth diapering classes this month as part of School of Cloth.  For more information and to register for classes, check out their website.

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