School of Cloth Sponsor Highlight: Enkore Kids

School of Cloth Sponsor Highlight: Enkore Kids

Recently, we had an opportunity to interview Susan McCarthy from Enkore Kids in Boonsboro, MD.  Enkore Kids specializes in new and used cloth diapers, baby carriers, clothing, toys, and baby-related equipment.  Susan is in training to become a Real Diaper Circle Leader to even better serve her community through cloth diaper education and support.  Enkore Kids donated $500 of cloth diaper products to the School of Cloth event, much of which will be donated to charities who distribute cloth diapers to low-income families.

Great Cloth Diaper Change at Enkore Kids, April, 2013

How would you describe your business and its place in your community? 
SM: We offer our customers and community a great way to raise their children affordably in these increasingly difficult economic times. We provide families with a way to get money back for items their children have outgrown or are no longer using and provide a great selection of gently used items at less than new retail prices to help them provide new items for their children. Our large selection of new and used diapers can help a family save thousands of dollars just in diapering alone. We have an ever changing selection of items and take pride in getting to know our customers and being able to spend time helping them make the best choices for their families 

How important a task is cloth diaper education to your business? 
SM: Cloth diaper education is very important to our business. Our classes show them it's so much easier than they thought. We believe in helping families to save money and to help reduce the environmental impact of having a child. Education helps parents make the best choices for their families without succumbing to misleading advertisements or the latest hype. 

How frequently do you teach cloth diapering classes in your community? What types of classes do you teach? 
SM: We teach families everyday in-store about diapers and offer classes several times a year about diapers. We also offer classes and education in the areas of baby wearing and car seat safety. 

What's your favorite piece of advice to give NEW parents about cloth diapering? 
My favorite piece of advice to give to new parents about cloth diapering is to not give up- they may need to try several brands and/or styles of diapers before the find the right combination to fit their baby and their lifestyle. Also, as baby grows they may need to adjust their routines and stash again. Cloth diapering is not a one time purchase and you're done, even with “one-size” diapers. It's an evolving part of your child's life. 

Enkore Kids is offering many cloth diapering classes this month as part of School of Cloth.  



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