School of Cloth 2014

School of Cloth 2014

The Real Diaper Association is celebrating 10 years of supporting cloth diapering advocates and cloth diaper users just like you! We want to continue to help you successfully use 100% reusable cloth diapers and we want to applaud those of you educating others about the benefits of cloth diapers. One of the best ways to educate others about cloth diapers is to give you an excuse to get together with your community. In order to support and encourage your efforts to teach your community about cloth diapers we are hosting the second annual School of Cloth event!

School of Cloth is all about education and giving back. Although anyone can register to teach a School of Cloth class, Real Diaper Association donors and Real Diaper Circle Leaders may sign up to teach School of Cloth Classes at no charge. What are the benefits of teaching a School of Cloth class? Well, other than the fact that you get to share your knowledge about cloth diapers, all attending students will be entered to win cloth diapering related prizes from the generous businesses supporting School of Cloth. That’s not all our winners get… Remember when I said this was about giving back? Our winners will get to choose one of the registered (5013c) cloth diaper charities to receive a separate donation worth an estimated $400!

  • To register your 5013c charity to be eligible to win sign up HERE.
  • To learn more about the origins of School of Cloth click HERE.
  • If you are a cloth diaper business, and would like to donate, register HERE.
  • Sign up to teach or attend a School of Cloth class near you HERE!

No classes near you? If you can’t attend or teach a class, you can still join in the fun by following our blog posts and blog hop and by answering our School of Cloth questions with the #SchoolOfCloth on social media.

Are you a blogger that would like to learn more about how to participate in this year’s School of Cloth Blog Hop? Blogger suggestions and tools can be found HERE.

This years Fact or Fiction themed blog hop will be hosted here at and will include the following topics:

1) Nov. 7, 2014 Fact or Fiction: Cloth Diaper Laundry.

2) Nov. 14, 2014 Gathering Facts: A Cloth Diaper Absorbency Experiment

(Join us for a fun experiment!)

3) Nov. 21, 2014 Fact or Fiction: What do ethical diapers cost?

4) Nov. 28, 2014 Gathering Facts: Cloth Diapers vs. Disposables. It’s no toss up!

Thank you for your continued support of the Real Diaper Association! Become a member today to help us help more families learn about the benefits of 100% reusable cloth diapers!

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