Real Diapers, Real Sustainability

Real Diapers, Real Sustainability

Real Diaper Facts carnival

You are cordially invited to a cloth diaper blogging carnival on real sustainable diapers. Open a new post NOW because we’re off to the start immediately.

What are the real diaper facts vs. the diaper lies? To participate in this carnival, create your own version of "Myths and Facts about Sustainable Diapers," which happens to be the title of a page on the Pampers website.

A myth is a traditional, true narrative from a culture’s long-ago golden age, and we don’t need to play that game. So, let’s just talk about lies, lies that are told in pursuit of profit and market domination.

What are the lies told about cloth diapers? And, what are the truths you tell in answer to those lies? You are welcome to use Real Diaper Association’s Real Diaper Facts page, What a Waste, or any verified source of information about diapers to support your answers.


Any cloth diaper blogger is welcome to join in the carnival, even if you only blog about cloth diapers occasionally. If you want to counter the lies, damn lies, and statistics that corporations tell in defense of their products, you are eligible. If you know the difference between "sustainable diapers" and real sustainable diapers, you are eligible.


Linky your post by Thursday, May 20th, 1PM Eastern Time, and your post may be included on the Real Diaper Facts carnival host post on the RDA blog To Linky your post:

  • At the bottom of this post, CLICK "Click to enter here"
  • Add your post title and URL to the Linky list
  • Grab the code below (more details at the very bottom), and add to the bottom for your Real Diaper Facts post while in HTML mode:
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Your post will be linked from all of the other Real Diaper Facts posts, and any new posts will be linked on your post. It’s a brilliant McLinky tool.

To publicize the carnival:

  • Add the text below to the top of your post
This post is part of the Real Diaper Facts carnival hosted by Real Diaper Events, the official blog of the Real Diaper Association. Participants were asked to write about diaper lies and real diaper facts. See the list at the bottom of this post to read the rest of the carnival entries.
  • Or, add the code below to the top of your post
<em>This post is part of the <a href="" title="What are the real diaper facts?">Real Diaper Facts</a> carnival hosted by <a href="" title="Cloth diaper blog">Real Diaper Events</a>, the official blog of the <a href="" title="Real Diaper Association for cloth diapers">Real Diaper Association</a>, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to cloth diaper education. Participants were asked to write about diaper lies and real diaper facts. See the list at the bottom of this post to read the rest of the carnival entries.</em>

Then What?

Real Diaper Association may create a permanent page on or to show off your great answers. We will quote you and provide links to your blog for quoted diaper facts and diaper lies.

Where to start?

Here is an example.

Diaper Lie: But I heard that studies show the environmental impact of cloth diapers and disposable diapers is equal.
Real Diaper Facts: Don’t believe it! Read the in-depth What a Waste review of the studies disposable diaper manufacturers use to justify their claims. The real diaper facts are not what is implied by those urging you to use throwaway diapers. (From "But I Heard. . ." on What a Waste. See more information on "Flawed Impact Studies Review.")

Now, go write.

Don’t limit yourself to the most obvious diaper lies. Go after them all.

A Couple of Asides

We reserve the right to remove any inappropriate posts from the carnival list.

This Real Diaper carnival is a one-time or perhaps very occasional event. If you just can’t wait and want more cloth diapers and carnivals, check out the regular carnivals held by Cloth Diapering Bloggers.

Marketers (like those at P&G) use several techniques to optimize their posts to make sure that their page appears when someone does a search.  We want OUR posts to appear when people search for "cloth vs. disposable diapers" or "sustainable diapers" - NOT their lies.  Here are some ways to give your post more oomph.

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  • May 15, 2010
I can't seem to get the linky text to work at the bottom of my blog. I've pasted it in over and over but it still doesn't appear. :(
Lie:Cloth diapers leak overnight Fact: You can now buy overnight cloth diapers that will keep your baby dry up to 14 hours. Lie: A little bit of Dioxin won't hurt my baby Fact: Dioxin is one of the most dangerous chemicals on the planet and literally a tablespoon [of it] would kill everyone on the planet. *Jill Wood, an instructor in Penn State's women's studies department who received her master's degree studying menstruation and menstrual health

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