real diaper giveaway - get involved!

real diaper giveaway - get involved!

Real Diaper Association is sponsoring an ongoing Real Diaper Giveaway. The program has several steps:

  1. Advertising on the RDA website and blog, which will fund the program.
  2. Nomination of families and organizations who need cloth diapers.
  3. Selection from the nominations for the Real Diaper Giveaway by member vote.
  4. Giveaway to nominees of cloth diapering supplies bought from RDA business members


Real Diaper Giveaway Details!

Click on the following text links for program details.

  • What will the program accomplish?
  • How much of the money goes to give away diapers?
  • What sort of advertising will be available and how much will it cost?
  • Will funds spent on advertising be tax deductible?
  • Who can make nominations?
  • What does RDA need to know about those nominated?
  • What kind of supplies will be given away?
  • How will Giveaway recipients be chosen?
  • How will diapers be distributed?
  • What if I would rather make a direct donation to give away diapers?


The Real Diaper Giveaway spreads more cloth diapers to more babies who need them, and the process of nomination and give away encourages Real Diaper Circles as well as business and individual RDA members to seek local publicity for cloth diapers through stories of their charitable giving. This is a great project for Circle members as they build their local foundation.


Click here for more information on the REAL DIAPER GIVEAWAY!

(Update: This program is no longer active.)


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