Real Diaper Facts Carnival Post Optimization

Real Diaper Facts Carnival Post Optimization

Are you writing a post for the Real Diaper Facts carnival? You should!

And, when you do, consider the fine points of your writing.

The Real Diaper Facts carnival encourages bloggers to use real diaper facts to counter the diaper lies found on the page below.

A Note on Blog Post Optimization from a Pro

I see three knots of keyphrases used in the disposable diaper article listed above: 1) the vs comparison, 2) environment, and 3) sustainable diapers.

To anyone who pays attention to cloth diaper keywords, it will be obvious that a copywriter has added the three most common keyword phrases for comparison between single-use, throwaway diapers and reusable, cloth diapers.

  • disposable diapers vs cloth diapers
  • cloth versus disposable diapers
  • disposables versus cloth

A quick analysis shows that the keywords this page has been written for are "environment" (5 times) and "environmental" (2 times) but the code is full of "sustain" (4 times in code) and "sustainable" (just 2 times). The target here is "sustainable diapers." (They could have improved the page for this phrase, but I have no intention of telling THEM how!) If you use the phrase "sustainable diapers" in your post in a way that is appropriate to content, you can boost the search rank of your post higher than the lies about sustainable diapers on that page.

When you refer to cloth diapers in your post, call them "cloth diapers." People don't search for shortened names ("Do you use cloth?") or nicknames ("Nasty sposies").

Pay attention to your description. This is the text that will often appear in search engines or when your page is linked, such as when shared on Facebook. Does the description below describe your post? If so, use it. If you don't know how to add a description to a post, add a plugin like All in One SEO Pack to give you more control.

Are cloth diapers really better for the environment? Learn more about sustainable diapers myths and facts at [insert your blog name here].

Sustainable diapers are the focus. Notice the bad grammar in the description? It's a little optimization trick.

While you are at it, why not throw in a few more keyphrases when you write about real sustainable diapers. Once you've finished your Real Diaper Facts carnival post, keep writing. Write about the waste of one-time use products and a throwaway culture using these keyword phrases.

  • disposable diapers in landfills
  • disposable diaper waste
  • chemicals in disposable diapers

Now get writing! Pour out all that you know about diapers and all of the verified real diaper facts that you can find into a great post on diaper lies and real sustainable diapers.

Lori Taylor

President, Real Diaper Association

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