Real Diaper Circle Forming in Chicago Area

Real Diaper Circle Forming in Chicago Area

The Real Diaper Association is proud to announce the accreditation of Katrina Pavlik, who will lead the Chicago Area Real Diaper Circle! Katrina has several years of cloth diapering experience behind her and has been a child and adult educator and a community organizer in the past, making her particularly well-qualified for this position.

Why does Katrina support cloth diapering? In her own words:

I love that cloth diapers feel nicer on my babies’ skin. I love the fact that I’m saving money and saving the environment at the same time. I LOVE the idea that I have saved hundreds of diapers from sitting in the landfills for the next 500 years. I also feel like I have a connection to my mother, grandmother and mothers before them. In some small way, my mothering experience is similar to theirs.

Starting a big city Circle has its own special difficulties. There are a lot of people to reach out to, but they are spread over a larger area and have a wider variety of needs than a smaller, more homogeneous community might. Fortunately, Katrina already has some core supporters, including some local business owners, who are available to help her implement their shared vision for the Chicago area. Meetings will likely be held in multiple locations to cater to a wider geographical area with a shared online community to bring them all together. Want to find out more about cloth diapering in the Chicago area? Join the Yahoo group!

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