Real Diaper Association at the King County Fair

Real Diaper Association at the King County Fair

RDA at the King County Fair The Real Diaper Association was invited to attend the King County Fair in Enumclaw, Washington for the entire 3 days of July 18th, 19th & 20th. In 2008, King County decided to "go green", and wanted RDA present - and of course, we said yes!

The KCF green theme echoed throughout the grounds, and everything from rain catchment for recycling water, to Park Rangers speaking of wildlife environment, to stainless steel water bottles were present. This made it a wonderful setup to advocate for reusable, real cloth diapers.

The response from fairgoers was so exuberant, I decided to take video shorts to compile why they chose cloth.

Tom Watson at RDA Booth

During the fair we met many wonderful people, including the founder of Sew Up Seattle, who helped RDA get in touch with Goods for the Planet, so we now have a new location for diaper circles right in downtown Seattle.

We even had a chance to see Tom Watson, King County Solid Waste Division Manager! He has been a partner and supporter of RDA for many years, and includes cloth diapers in his presentations regarding solid waste.

It was a wonderful fair, and thank you to all those that stopped by to share and learn! Excited to go back next year,

Maya Board member, Real Diaper Association Real Diaper Circle Leader since 2004 Organizing advocates and activists for cloth diapering


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