real diaper advertising

real diaper advertising

Advertising at the Real Diaper Association Advertising on the Real Diaper Association website will be valuable to those businesses who would like to take advantage of RDA search engine ranking and access to a vital advertising market. As an added benefit, business members will receive a discount of 50% off advertising costs. Beyond the business benefits, advertisers will know that they are putting more babies in cloth diapers through local communities working to spread awareness and use of cloth diapers. RDA is a nonprofit organization run by volunteers, and volunteers will continue to give of their time to manage this program. All money generated by advertising, minus PayPal's fees, will be used to fund RDA's mission of putting more babies in cloth diapers.

Q: Will funds spent on advertising be tax deductible?

A: No. Real Diaper Association is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, but money spent on advertising is not considered a donation because the advertising on the website is a service rendered by RDA. Two banner placements will be available: 468x60 at the top and 120x60 at the side of both the Real Diaper Association and sites. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse any advertising.









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