RDA & Mothering Magazine at Green Festival, Washington, D.C.

RDA & Mothering Magazine at Green Festival, Washington, D.C.

Are you going to the Green Festival in Washington, DC this October? Look for RDA there. With Mothering Magazine, we are creating a diaper changing and nursing area for parents. Along with cloth diaper vendors, including RDA business member Karen Amidon of Green Mountain Diapers, we will hold hands-on demonstrations for festival attendees.

Are you looking for a bigger audience? Would you like to target green buyers? Send a sample of your product for display in the Real Diaper Association diaper changing area at the Green Festival in Washington, DC, October 14-15. Include cloth diapers, covers, or other diapering accessories. There is no limit to the number of samples accepted. If you include business cards with the samples, we will attach these to the item so festival goers can take a card when they like what they see and feel. You are welcome to include other information also, such as a brochure or catalogue. All samples will be kept by RDA and circulated among Real Diaper Circles as a trunk show. This publicity gift will keep on giving. For more information, please contact lori@realdiaperassociation.org or send products and literature to RDA Board member Marie DiCocco at PO Box 31281, Alexandria, Virginia 22310. Submissions from RDA business members only.


Thanks for posting, Marie. I had the idea that diapers could have a business-card-sized pocket, which we (or you--as the RDA rep at the festival) could refill with cards as people took them. Or a pocket could be pinned to the card. Or cards could be hole-punched and held with a metal ring. It really doesn't matter how--and I would LOVE to hear great suggestions. It would be nice if the business card attachment method were consistent. This is such a great way to reach new customers. One of the laments of buying cloth diapers online is usually that people don't get to see and touch them, feel how cushy soft they are. Here is a chance to flaunt the cush. Lori

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