RDA Holiday Twitter Party Highlights

RDA Holiday Twitter Party Highlights

Since the party goes so quickly AND there was ANOTHER cloth diaper Twitter party going on at the same time (my cup runneth over!), I wanted to make sure our followers had a chance to catch the highlights.  First of all, thanks to our sponsors, @TheWillowStore and @FuzLife, for providing great prizes at the party!

2011 RDA 100% Reusable Cloth Diapers Calendar

1. The 2011 Real Diaper Association 100% Reusable Cloth Diapers calendar is available for sale! (Thanks for a second year in a row go to Diane Pezo of The Changing Times for designing and producing the calendar!) A portion of the proceeds goes to support RDA's cloth diaper advocacy efforts. Buy one for yourself and give them as gifts to the moms in your life. And while you're there, pick up some other great cloth diaper advocacy gear for the cloth diaper lovers in your life! (I'm getting a beer stein for my husband - shhh....)

2. The RDA Holiday Online Cloth Diapers Auction was launched. Check out the amazing items available starting at 50% of retail! But hurry, auction ends Monday, 12/13/10!  It's easy - just find the item you want on the main page, then click Register, create a login, and place your bid. You can even set it to email you when you're outbid so you won't lose out on the items you want!  Another great opportunity to support RDA's advocacy and education efforts, since ALL proceeds are tax-deductible, thanks to donations from Diaper Junction, Fuzbaby, Nifty Nappy, The Willow Store, Clean Bee Laundry in Camden, ME and Cottontails Diaper Service in Atlanta, GA.

3. The Real Diaper Association unveiled our new Cloth Diaper Users' Guide! RDA has long included cloth diapering tips in our newsletters and articles, and then more recently in tipsheets as part of the cloth diapers in daycare project and the 100% Reusable Cloth Diapers campaign. However, that information hasn't been accessible as a whole as we haven't previously focused on user support directly from the website. Our intention was to compile the information as it becomes necessary / useful / available, with the expectation that Circle Leaders will be able to use and disseminate it locally. However, with increased internet accessibility, more people are coming directly to our website looking for support. So we want to provide a new subsection of our website for this audience. (Note: this will be somewhat different from cloth diaper user guides available elsewhere in that it will be brand-independent.) While we plan to continue to add to it over time, we have a lot of good starting information from what we've published over the years that we want you to be able to access and share. We hope it's helpful!!

(edit: links have been removed as the calender is no longer available and the auction is closed) 

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