RDA facilitating more cloth diapers in daycare

RDA facilitating more cloth diapers in daycare

In my local San Diego Real Diaper Circle, we get at least one inquiry per month about how to find a daycare facility that will use cloth diapers or how to convince a caretaker to do so. At the Real Diaper Association (RDA), we have received similar inquiries from all over the country since the day we were founded.

After a good amount of initial research (we shared the results of our survey here), a planning group, comprised of RDA and Real Diaper Industry Association (RDIA) members, produced a proposal for a joint project to facilitate the acceptance and use of cloth diapers in the daycare setting.

I am pleased to announce that both the board of the RDA and the board of the RDIA have approved this proposal and we will be moving forward with the project over the course of the next year!

Based on a cost-benefit analysis of our various options, we decided to move forward in two main areas.

The first is in guiding parents to find or convince a daycare to use cloth diapers.

a. To help them find a daycare to accept cloth, we plan to create a cloth diaper-friendly daycare directory. Parents will contribute data to this directory, and it will be available for others to search for daycares in their area.

b. In lieu of finding an already-cloth-diaper-friendly setting, we will also produce and distribute a “tip sheet” to guide parents in how to ensure a caretakers’ acceptance and use of cloth diapers for a child in their care.

The second area we’ll pursue is in educating daycare facilities about cloth diapers.

c. Using input from facilities already using cloth diapers extensively, as well as knowledge about local daycare provider licensing requirements, we will create materials for distribution in two ways. First, we will attempt to “soften the market” by using a mailing list to hit some of the largest providers. Second, we will make the materials available for printing and use by motivated “salespeople” – parents who are searching for daycare for their baby.

d. As part of this area, we’ll also examine existing relationships between daycare facilities and diaper services to produce a useful model to help more diaper services pursue these relationships in their communities.

To do all this, we’ll be using a lot of volunteer resources, so please contact me if you are interested in helping.

-- Heather McNamara Executive Director,

Real Diaper Association


Wonderful! My daughter attends an excellent child care center, which, unfortunately, is not open to cloth diapers...though they do permit the use of hybrids. I can't help but think the use of cloth wouldn't be any more difficult than using hybrids...and would likely be easier...but I've not been successful in convincing anyone to try. I am looking forward to seeing the suggestions offered for talking with child care providers regarding the use of cloth diapers.
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  • Sep 22, 2009
I am SO glad to hear this news! My son attends a WONDERFUL daycare on our Army post--but they have not been open to cloth diapering. At first they told me that it was a "big Army" decision made by the Army's head nurse, but I recently was told that if the state health department deems cloth diapers healthy, then a daycare center cannot deny their use. So I am checking into that, to see if the Army has different rules or standards to follow than the state's health department rules! But anyway, thank you for posting this--I can't wait to see the results! Maybe my future babies will be able to be cloth diapered at daycare!

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