RDA & Cloth Diapers in Mothering Magazine

RDA & Cloth Diapers in Mothering Magazine

Have you gotten the latest issue of Mothering magazine yet? It features a HUGE spread on cloth diapering - comprehensive, thorough, and clearly in favor of 100% reusable cloth diapers! Lori Taylor, President of the Board of Directors, and RDA member Angie Gregory, of Mother Herb Diaper Service in Northampton, MA, were quoted in the article. Supplements include a 2-page pictorial explanation of the different type of cloth diapers, a page of troubleshooting advice, a listing of cloth diaper resources on the web, and an excellent article on elimination communication, particularly in conjunction with cloth diapers.

Jennifer Margulis, author of the article, is following up with a week of cloth diaper-themed blog posts at mothering.com. So far she's written three: "I Heart Cloth Diapers", "Cloth Diapering 101 or Everything You Need to Know About How to Get Started with Cloth Diapers", and "Can You Really Travel with Cloth Diapers?" (her answer, like ours, is YES!  Learn more about our efforts to support parents in using cloth diapers on the road here.)

In support of the article, mothering.com has also introduced a series of video resources on cloth diapers and a Q&A Forum related to cloth diapering.  All this follows a long tradition of support for cloth diapers from Mothering magazine, highlights of which include editor Peggy O'Mara's "A Tale of Two Diapers", Lindsay Evans' "Dumping Disposable Diapers", and "The Politics of Diapers".  There have been more published, and a number of additional articles and resources available on the site. Many RDA business members also advertise in Mothering magazine, connecting readers to sources they often cannot find locally.

Want to spread the word about cloth diapers? Buy a few copies and give them out to family and friends!

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