RDA 2009 Wrap-Up

RDA 2009 Wrap-Up

I met with the Board of Directors of RDA on Friday to talk about the past year and to make plans for 2010. We actually meet via conference call every week to keep on track with our ongoing projects, but like to devote time every year to acknowledging what went well in the previous year and to revisit our mission and strategy and set goals for the coming year. I'm proud of what we've done so want to share it with you!

First, RDA decided 13 months ago that it was time to hire an Executive Director, which they did in February 2009 (me!). We also added one new director, Angela Imes, who is now Treasurer. Angela is a CPA as well as the Plano Area Real Diaper Circle Leader.

Last year at our annual meeting, we set three major goals, all of which we met.

1) Welcome Member Packets were scaled back because of expenses, but we are sending out an RDA calendar magnet to all new and renewing donors. This is ongoing.

2) Leader Support Packets were created and distributed to all existing and new leaders. They include a Circle Leader Handbook, a CD of electronic support documents, and the Consider Cloth demo kit donated by RDIA.  We will continue to send these to Leaders as they're accredited in 2010.

3) Collaboration with Real Diaper Industry Association on Daycare issues is in process. Our project plan was created and approved by both boards. We have compiled and published a tip sheet for using cloth diapers in daycare, and are currently working on a directory of cloth diaper friendly daycare facilities. More information on the cloth diapers in daycare project can be found here.

We've also made progress on a number of ongoing projects.

  • We have accredited 6 new Diaper Circle Leaders (Angela Domenichelli of the Waldo County Real Diaper Circle, Elizabeth Wickoren of the Real Diaper Circle of the Twin Cities, Angela in Plano, Katrina Pavlik of the Chicago Area Real Diaper Circle, Michelle Rivenburg of the Central Jersey Real Diaper Circle, and Marissa Evans of the Emerald Coast Real Diaper Circle).  We implemented a new tracking system for the training of Leader volunteers, and hope to see a good number of the 80 more Leader volunteers accredited in 2010.
  • We conducted our first photo contest and created a calendar from the photos as a fundraiser.  We hope to use what we learned to make these efforts even more successful in 2010.
  • We prepared and started a campaign to support 100% reusable cloth diapers.

We also improved the general well-being of the organization in several important ways.  We conducted an overall organizational health inventory which helped us define plans to improve some of our governance processes.  We got our print and e-newsletters back into production to better communicate with our members and constituents, and we've become more active via social media.

I'm proud of us!  Thanks for letting me brag!

Heather McNamara Executive Director,

Real Diaper Association

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