Real Diaper Events is the portal for Real Diaper Association members to post cloth diapering related events happening in their local communities. All posts are read by a moderator, checked against our database of members, and then released within 48 hours.

Are you holding a Real Diaper Event?
Tell RDA members about it!

What events can be listed?

  • Real Diaper Circle meetings
  • Local cloth diapering class
  • Farmer’s market with a cloth diaper vendor
  • Baby fair or LLLI conference with a cloth diaper vendor
  • Earth Day event with cloth diaper information
  • Interview on radio or television about cloth diapers

Don't have an event? Post with a Purpose!

  • Share YOUR cloth diapering testimonials.
  • Inform members of cloth diapering in the news!
  • Excited about your local advocacy? SHOUT IT OUT to the community!
  • Nominate members for the RDA REAL DIAPER GIVEAWAY!
  • Want to meet other cloth diapering advocates - tell us who you are - where you live.
  • Advocacy Tips? Put them here!
We look forward to hearing from our membership! Not a member of RDA? Not a problem! Join RDA as an individual or a business member and take part in our REAL DIAPER EVENTS blog!

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