posting policies

posting policies

Though we intend to be a lightweight, friendly atmosphere of fellow cloth diaper users and advocates, we do have a few posting policies for this community.

WHO CAN POST: Only RDA Individual and Business Members are allowed to post on these forums. We ask that when you create your account, you mimic your RDA username to expedite the moderation process.

POSTING CRITERIA: All posts should fall within the subject matter of the Categories we have provided and align with the RDA Mission. If we feel your post does not meet this criteria we reserve the right to not allow it to be posted.

POSTING IMAGES: Pictures are a valuable way to catch the eye of our visitors as well as add depth to your posts. We are HAPPY for you to post relevant images of your cloth diaper events; in fact, we encourage it! We will host the images on our server if you will send the images in .jpg format to Your image will be optimized, uploaded, and then a URL will be sent to you to use the image in your post. Our preferred image format will be sent along with the image's URL.

The current categories are:

If you see a need for another category, please contact us and let us know how your idea for a category would serve our community.


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