Petitioning for a Tax Break in Canada

Petitioning for a Tax Break in Canada

When I found out I was expecting twins in 2004 I knew I needed to save money any way I could. Cloth Diapering was just one way we were going to accomplish that. As I researched and learned more about cloth diapers and their benefits I felt very strongly that this was something I was going to do no matter what other people thought or said. In fact, because of how strongly I felt about cloth diapers and their importance to our childrenʼs health and our environment I started my own online boutique that promotes and educates on the use of cloth diapers.

Despite all that, there are many people I speak with who just canʼt wrap their heads around the idea of cloth diapers no matter how supportive the evidence I give them. I just canʼt comprehend how people can possibly think that using cloth diapers will be inconvenient or “too much work”. Yet, I think what bothers me the most are the parents who sit on the fence about it. They know that cloth diapering is the better way to go and they have seriously thought about it; but, they just wonʼt commit to making the switch.

After a lot of thought, I decided it was time for the Canadian government to recognize those parents who have committed to cloth diapers and have made the switch for their babyʼs health and our environment. More and more we hear about the government supporting “green” businesses and taking “green” initiatives. The Ontario Premiere is all about “Going Green” and if switching to cloth diapers isnʼt “going green” I donʼt know what is. I have created a petition to submit to Canadaʼs Parliament asking for a tax break for parents using cloth diapers. Not only do I think this initiative will benefit those already using cloth diapers; but, I think it might provide just a little incentive to those sitting on the fence about them.

Every signature counts and with your help, Iʼm sure we can succeed! Please take a moment to view and sign the petition which can be found at: online/29264.html Please also feel free to pass this information along to family and friends.

Together we can make a difference, not just for our environment but for the future too.

Stephanie Nash, Real Diaper Circle Leader Volunteer

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