Pañales ecologicos y más

Pañales ecologicos y más

At Eugenia's store, Zona Kids

In Oaxaca City, Mexico for three weeks with my family to study Spanish, of COURSE I was excited when I came across a store with a sign advertising Pañales Ecologicos. I knew it HAD to be cloth diapers - - and I was right!!

Maria Eugenia has been selling them in her store, Zona Kids, for 3 years. She sells the ecopipo brand, which is manufactured here in Mexico. Of COURSE, I gave her my card and invited her to participate in the Great Cloth Diaper Change next year!

Delfina selling her organic clothing at El Pochote market

Knowing my interest in cloth diapers, Eugenia "kidnapped" me for a tour of a couple of other local places she thought I'd like, too. The first was an organic market where we spent a while talking to the woman selling organic clothes and other products. She told me about the natural plants and insects (cochinillas) they use for dyes.

Pancho Leyva Garcia weaving a king-size blanket

After an intermediate stop to get some chapulines (chili, salt, and lime-covered grasshoppers) and Oaxacan sweets at one of the markets, we headed to another neighborhood, Xochimilco, where we got to watch a local family of weavers who still weave on these huge manual looms that they built themselves.  The loom seemed so complicated with all these pulleys that he was manipulating, but the blanket that I could see was just beautiful!

It's so inspiring to see the devotion to organic and natural fibers and sustainable production happening all around the world. What a great opportunity to see it here in Oaxaca!

Heather McNamara
Executive Director, Real Diaper Association

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