New Real Diaper Circle in the Twin Cities!

New Real Diaper Circle in the Twin Cities!

The Real Diaper Association is proud to introduce our newest Real Diaper Circle Leader, Elizabeth Wickoren of the Twin Cities, Minnesota!

Elizabeth has been working in cloth diaper advocacy for a while already.  She founded a non-profit called Teeny Greenies that lends a day's worth of cloth diapers to anyone in the local community who is interested in trying cloth diapering. The focus of Teeny Greenies is getting diapers in people's hands and homes to try them out.

Her focus for the Real Diaper Circle of the Twin Cities is on creating a place for cloth diapering parents to meet others and exchange information and support. It will also be a way for new local families to explore and learn about cloth diapering.

The two organizations should complement each other nicely and, together, put a lot more Twin Cities babies in cloth diapers!

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