New Real Diaper Circle forming in Plano, TX

New Real Diaper Circle forming in Plano, TX

The Real Diaper Association recently accredited a new Circle Leader, Angela Imes, of Plano, Texas. Angela has twin girls, who have been cloth diapered from birth, and is getting her diapers ready again for an expected baby soon. Angela was elected to the RDA Board of Directors in April and has been the Treasurer since then. As a CPA, Angela has been invaluable in this role, helping to ensure RDA is handling our accounts appropriately to maintain our 501(c)3 non-profit status. She also works tirelessly on projects to keep RDA funded and running.

Angela's goal for the Plano Area Real Diaper Circle is to create a local resource of people that will both seek out new parents to share our knowledge of cloth diapering and be a visible source of information to those actively seeking cloth diapering knowledge. She is in the process of establishing an online forum and monthly meetings at local libraries where parents can support one another with diapering issues, help educate those new to cloth diapering, and plan for local cloth diaper advocacy and outreach events.

Looking for a Real Diaper Circle in your area?

If there is no Circle in your area listed in the RDA Directory, encourage others to start one - or consider becoming a Leader yourself:

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