Meet Mr. Mike - Dad, Singer, Cloth Diaper Advocate!

Meet Mr. Mike - Dad, Singer, Cloth Diaper Advocate!

mrmikegraphicblue A couple of months ago in our weekly Monday night cloth diapers Twitter chat, a person called @MrMikeSings appeared, talking enthusiastically about the cloth diapers that he uses on his child. In the six months or so that I've been attending these chats, I have seen VERY FEW men participate, so, even though these chats sometimes happen at warp speed, I took note and began chatting with him. (Frankly, he was probably overwhelmed at the welcome since I was not the only person there wooed by his male presence.)

As it turns out, Mr. Mike is originally just Mike, but picked up the title after working as an early childhood educator. His background in guitar and songwriting combined with that experience and led him to record and release a kids' CD, which led him into the Twitter universe to talk with parents like him who might have children like his who might want to hear his CD. And there our worlds collided.

Someone suggested that Mike write a song about cloth diapers.  After a little research about why people choose cloth diapers, he worked up a lyric and some music, and VOILA - "I Use Cloth" was born!

"I love the idea of this song because I feel like it hits on the reasons why people use cloth, some of the feelings behind the cloth diapering movement, and a few inside jokes while, at the same time, appealing to folks looking for a cute, upbeat, catchy song." - Mr. Mike

With a new anthem, cloth diapering is set to storm the planet!  Thanks, Mr. Mike!

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