Making RDA's Annual Goals a Reality

Making RDA's Annual Goals a Reality

It's been a couple of months since the annual meeting, and as I get ready to move to my "summer home" (visiting family in New York), I am reviewing my RDA project priorities.  The Board decided on three major goals for the year:

1. create an RDA cloth diaper advocacy welcome packet for our donors,

2. create a Real Diaper Circle Leader support packet to be distributed to all accredited Leaders, and

3. work with RDIA representatives to propose a joint project for getting more cloth diapers into the daycare setting.

We've made progress on these and numerous other smaller projects.  To continue to do so and spread the word further about cloth diapers, we need to vigorously pursue funding sources.  We recently submitted a grant proposal that would support Goal #2, among other things.  But grants are never a given, and we still have more we'd like to do, so we'll also be pursuing some new fundraising ideas.

One of them is a short-term, fun, super-secret :) project.  We have a general project plan, but could use some help putting it together.  We're looking for someone with some graphic design / print media experience who has good planning and organizational skills - preferably an RDA member.  Let me know if you're willing to lend your time, please!

As always, we continue to depend on our donors and volunteers to do our work and are grateful to all of them.  We're always happy to put you (or your gift) to work in the name of cloth diapers!

Heather McNamara

Executive Director, Real Diaper Association

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