Looking forward - 2013 Annual Meeting Report

Looking forward - 2013 Annual Meeting Report

Last week, we held the Real Diaper Association annual meeting via conference call. The first order of business was to vote in our newest volunteer board members, Rachel Dove and Sara Moore. Rachel and Sara are both accredited Real Diaper Circle Leaders in San Diego, CA and the Lehigh Valley, PA, respectively. Both are cloth diaper retailers who have been involved with cloth diaper advocacy and education for years.

Rachel Dove

Rachel Dove is my co-leader in our local San Diego Real Diaper Circle, so I've had the opportunity to see her build our community to nearly a thousand current members through regular meetings and personal attention on our online forum.  She also owns Rock Easy Diaper Company, a retailer of cloth diapers and more natural products for the home and family.

Sara Moore

I've had the opportunity to work with Sara Moore through the Real Diaper Industry Association, where she is also active in advancing the work of the cloth diaper industry.  She owns Ju-Ju Monkey, where she sells cloth diapers and other natural care products.

We're thrilled to have our new Board members jump right in to help on various committees and set direction for the organization that will best serve our constituents!

Speaking of that direction, in the annual meeting, we also set goals for the organization for the coming year. We determined these goals by assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the organization, then closely examining the opportunities and threats in the current environment. Much of this information comes from our members, so we sincerely appreciate the contact you make with us to help us best determine how to advance the movement. Here are the goal areas we identified, with committees formed to better define each specific goal, then develop and implement plans to meet the goal:


Hospitals Project (multi-year) - Just as formula companies like to reach parents in the hospital to improve brand trust and recognition, so disposable diaper companies value placement and use in maternity wards. To empower new parents to use cloth diapers, hospitals should be encouraged to educate and support parents in prenatal classes and in the hours after birth.

Research - responsive research to answer questions regarding yeast and cloth diapers to improve evidence-based laundry recommendations.

Volunteers - develop a process to engage and use volunteers across a broad spectrum of possible activities more quickly

Fundraising - need to raise $30,000 income in the coming year, through the Great Cloth Diaper Change, member recruitment and retention, and/or other campaigns/grants.


If you have any questions about our overall direction or any of our specific goals, please don't hesitate to ask!

Heather McNamara
Executive Director, Real Diaper Association

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