Look out, East Coast Cloth Diaperers!

Look out, East Coast Cloth Diaperers!

The Real Diaper Association is pleased to announce the formation of two new Real Diaper Circles, led by two great leaders.

Selina Francis, of Delaware, came to cloth diapers first as a low-income mother trying to save money. Years later, her experience as an aesthetician made her aware of the chemical components of disposables and she chose cloth diapers again for her youngest for health reasons. She has worked with several lower-income moms and a local shelter to find creative ways to use cloth as a diapering solution. She's also in talks with the foster care system in Delaware to help them adopt cloth diapers across the system, saving a lot of money for the state. With her central Delaware location, and close ties with local Holistic Moms groups, she's had great attendance success at her first few meetings, and has a good start on a vibrant, thriving Real Diaper Circle.

Megan Fernsler, of Columbia County, Pennsylvania, has some big goals for cloth diaper education in her area - - and she's already starting to achieve them! She's working with a couple of local hospitals to get cloth diaper education to their clients (and maybe into the maternity wards???), and she's teamed up with a social service organization called AGAPE to get cloth diapers into the hands of low-income families who need them. Social service clients were surveyed about their diapering needs and some of the questions determined access to washer/dryers and interest in cloth diapers. AGAPE received a grant to fund some sets of diapers for these families, and Megan is working with the organization to educate the families and social service providers on how to use them. She's also working with local daycares to make sure these clients are able to send their children in cloth diapers. She has a number of core supporters, and with the new influx of cloth diapering parents needing support, she'll be in a good position to get a busy Circle started.

Find a Real Diaper Circle near you.

No Circle near you?  Want to start one?  Here's an overview of the process to become a Circle Leader.

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