Local Real Diaper Circle 'Puts On Airs'

Local Real Diaper Circle 'Puts On Airs'

On June 7, 2006 the local Real Diaper Circle of RDA in Everett, Washington had it's first Public Service Announcement air on KSER 90.7FM.

It aired during a mid-day time slot and garnered local response by phone as well as email. This PSA will continue to be heard on a weekly basis by local listeners as well as over the live internet stream worldwide.

Special shout-out to Accredited Real Diaper Circle Leader, Maya Keithly! Her Advocacy Focus is:
Helping families choose a system that works best for them with resources & tools for successful cloth-diapering. Spreading the word through local businesses, festivals and public service how cloth diapering is best for all of us, especially baby. Specializing in the explanation of local wastewater treatment and true statistics on the impact of cloth vs. disposable.

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