How the Great Cloth Diaper Survey will help you with your laundry

How the Great Cloth Diaper Survey will help you with your laundry

The Great Cloth Diaper Survey promises to fold and put away at least one load of diaper laundry a week for you.  NAME another survey that can help you that much!! Okay, so not really. BUT, the Great Cloth Diaper Survey really CAN help with your laundry! How? This past spring, the Real Diaper Association released our Cloth Diaper Laundering Guide.  It was released as part of a new section of our website on cloth diaper laundry, where we are addressing all the corollary concerns that people have about cloth diapering.  How are we doing that?  In the same way we do all our work - using an evidence-based approach that relies heavily on research.

Cloth diaper laundry science from the Real Diaper AssociationAmong other things, we are looking at these survey results for the following information:

- - What kind of access do cloth diapering families have to laundering facilities? Is it possible to cloth diaper if you don't have your own washer and dryer?

- - How regularly are people bleaching their diapers and what are they using? Cloth diapers are often criticized because of their use of chlorine bleach. But what portion of diaper laundry actually includes chlorine bleach?

- - How much detergent are people using and what other additives are they including? Comparing detergent and additive use to other factors such as frequency of laundering, diaper type, and water type can add to our research to answer more of your questions about washing cloth diapers.

So, if you haven't yet donated the 15-20 minutes of your time it will take to complete the survey, please do so!! Then pass it on to everyone you know who might use cloth diapers even some of the time!  More information about the survey, including about the prizes for participants and referrers is in this other blog post.

Heather McNamara

Executive Director, Real Diaper Association

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