Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

My mother has always been the kind of person who could mother her own six children, take on any number of pseudo-children (cousins, friends, neighbors) who needed mothering, and always still find time to help where needed in the community (always doing an impressive job, to boot).

On good days, I feel a little pride that I'm managing at least some of the same. On all days, though, I'm grateful to be associated with you all, who are more models of this kind of motherhood. You inspire and motivate me to continue juggling to give my family and beyond the best of who I am. My thanks go...

  • to the RDA Board who give countless hours of time working to guide cloth diaper advocacy efforts in the U.S. and Canada,
  • to the organizing committee of the Great Cloth Diaper Change who all gave time they didn't have to make this exciting event a reality,
  • to the Great Cloth Diaper Change hosts who came out in droves and put in hours and hours of their own meager free time to put on events for their communities,
  • to our Real Diaper Circle Leaders and RDA volunteers who are in their communities spreading the word about cloth diapers week in and week out,
  • to the Real Diaper Industry Association and cloth diapering businesses for having faith in reusable cloth diapers and putting your money behind it, and
  • to YOU cloth diapering parents who never fail to show off and talk about your diapers, making conversions one baby at a time.

I am proud and appreciative to be part of this community.

Happy Mother's Day!

Heather McNamara
Executive Director, Real Diaper Association

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